Call for Presenters

The Society for Text and Discourse will hold its Sixteenth Annual Meeting at the Millennium Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, from Thursday through Saturday, July 13-15, 2006

The Society for Text & Discourse is an international society of researchers who investigate all aspects of discourse processing and analysis. The purpose of the society is to consolidate research in discourse processing, to enhance communication among researchers in different disciplines, and to contribute the education and professional development of those in the field or entering the field. Therefore, we invite scholars from various disciplines (e.g., psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, education, sociology, anthropology, communications, philosophy, and poetics) to attend and participate in the annual meeting.

The specific aim of this conference will be to bring together behavioral scientists with scholars who are traditionally more focused on the structure of language, text, and discourse. One interest that many of these structure-oriented researchers share is their concern with the function, context, and process of language use. We therefore invite proposals for papers and symposia in this general area.

The deadline for submitting proposals is February 1, 2006.